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This website contains informations about the Magic Workstation software.
If you have any question or issue related to Magic Workstation, please contact MWS Support.

The Magic Workstation installation package on the official site only contains the main software and a sample game. In order to play your favourite card game you should download and install database and images separately.
The following instructions guides you to install Magic Workstation together with the Magic: the Gathering game:

1) Install Magic Workstation:

Download Magic Workstation (v0.94f)    Mirror

Note: You should opt to install it in special folder like C:\MWS (or any other folder with full read/write access) instead of default C:\Program Files\Magic Workstation if you have Windows 7/8/10 and user account control enabled (which is the default Windows configuration)

If you can't run Magic Workstation due to "Insufficient memory" or any other error, try this update: Magic Workstation Update (v0.97.4 beta)
(!!! Install it in special folder like C:\MWS !!!)

2) Install the MTG Card Database you can download from the following link: it will automatically replace MWS data files with the MTG ones.

[28 Sep 2017] cards database up to "Ixalan"
  Download   Download (zip) (9 MB)

Thanks to slightlymagic.net for the MTG cards database (check the site for the most recent database updates, especially just after a new set prerelease)

3) Install all MTG Card Images (Full Scans)

(Part 1)  card images from "Alpha" up to "Amonkhet"   Download   Download (zip)   Torrent (1025 MB)

(Part 2)  card images from "Hours of Devastation" up to "Ixalan"   Download   Download (zip) (19 MB)

You also can find and download full High Quality card scans there and then manually set images path in MWS preferences. You can read more about setting up images in this documentation.

Additional Documentation

MWS Installation Guide
MWSPlay User Guide
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Alternative Software

Virtual Playtable - new software for Magic the Gathering with active development. Online play available.